Coach Gitta Eyeing Return To Top flight Management

Alex Mulibanga Gitta has hinted that he will be returning to active coaching very soon.

The ever smart coach’s last spell was with Masavu FC before he resigned in May last year an assistant to Joseph Mutyaba.

“Yes its true, I was last seen by the few during my resignation at Massavu but as well am still within the football jingles,” Gitta told this website.

“Soon or later will be back in top flight football management though of late am trying to manage a regional team.

“Football being my hobby I always keep on following this beautiful game of football from lower clubs to the top flight clubs on how their operate.”

Currently, Gitta is quietly trading his skills with Wild Life Football Club, a team playing in regional league.

Before the Masavu spell, Gitta had stints with Express FC and Busiro Ssaza.

On whether he has been in negotiations of recent, Gitta reveals:

“Yes, I have received quite a number of offers from different clubs ranging from big league to top flight clubs though I couldn’t take them on for reasons best known to me and or at certain moments discussed them with those who had offers for me.”

In Uganda and the world at large, coaches have just an average of a season before the either resign or get sacked.

“All coaches are like fish, after a while they stink, but still a lot needs to be done between the club CEOs as well the coaches as regards the target for the club and what the coach is ought to do,” Gitta on coaches and club relationship.

“I still look at a situation where coaches are culprits of their own messes of not having proper representation when committing themselves to the clubs.

“The most fundamental issue as well clubs here don’t give coaches time to exploit their potential due to a failure to understand the short, Medium and long term preparation for the clubs.”



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