Golola Punches CBS Journalist In Heated Press Conference Ahead Of Semata Brawl

There were ugly scenes in a press conference held on Wednesday at Sheraton Hotel ahead of a much anticipated Kick-boxing fight between Moses Golola and Umar Semata.

Motormouth Golola, self acclaimed ‘of Uganda’, had to be escorted out of the press conference and Sheraton Hotel after a stunt went wrong.

After brief remarks from both fighters and their promoters – Abitex for Golola and Balam for Semata – CBS journalist Nsejere Ssempija who was the moderator, asked Semata to give few comments in English, an act which annoyed Golola!

The furious fighter, in what was earlier expected to be a good stunt, stormed out of his table to attack Semata accusing him of speaking English, but his heavy punch amidst traffic landed on a nearby helpless Ssempija.

The CBS sports journalist could be seen holding one side of the head in pain before he was given minor first aid – ice – minutes after Golola was escorted out.

The stunts, as commonly known, are usually held to ostensibly trade barbs in a bid to up the upcoming fight – however, this went accidentally off the script.

The fight, scheduled on August 3rd at Freedom City, will be a rematch as Thai based Semata won the reverse brawl to end Golola’s streak last year in October.

Here is the courtesy video



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