Big League: 13 Clubs Fail To Meet Licensing Requirements

Five FUFA Big league clubs have been granted licenses prior to the new season after fulfilling the minimum requirements in all the five criteria as required by the licensing committe.

Og Eighteen clubs that qualify to compete in the 2019/20 second division, only five met the minimum requirements as set by FUFA in criteria of Sporting, Infrastructure, finance, legal and Administration, basing on the evaluation and inspection reports done after visiting the clubs.

Newly promoted Katwe United coached by Hassan Mubiru and bankrolled by Hon MP Allan Ssewanyana is among the top five teams to make the cut.

Dove FC, Dove All Stars and 2018/19 UPL relegated duo of Paidha Black Angels FC and Ndejje University FC are the other clubs which have shown given green light.

Kigezi Home Boys FC, Kansasi Plascon FC, Nyamityobora FC, Kitara FC, Saviors’ FC, MYDA FC, Kataka FC, Light SSS FC, Kasese New Villa FC, Water FC, UPDF, Bukedea T/C FC and Kiboga young FC are the 13 clubs which failed to meet the requirements.

The 13 clubs were given an extension deadline which expired on Friday 6th, September 2019 according to a letter from FUFA dated September 4th confirming the status of the clubs.

According to the letter seen by this website, the 13 clubs have mainly failed in the areas of Finances, Infrastructure and Administration and Personnel.

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