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Women In Sports: Meet Swedish Based Crested Cranes Star Nambi

Women football in Uganda is not an old tale as it’s the case with the men’s, though not as new as one would think it is.

Names like Maama Becca spring high in the minds of women football lovers for the tremendous work done in spreading the game to the most under privileged communities.

Since playing her first official match in 1998, the women national team – the Crested Cranes – has been more or less dormant because of little or no attention from the then Federation.

This saw a number of talents go unnoticed and others into forced extinction.

As time flies, a number of changes have been taken form establishing a league five years ago to making the national team active in all the available regional and FIFA sanctioned tournaments.

And as well as having the ladies go professional, something unheard of years back.

Viola Nambi (black) in action in Sweden

In this week’s episode of ‘Women in Sports’, we bring to you Viola Nambi.

Nambi, 5ft 6in, can play both as a striker or a right winger.

She dons Shirt number 48 for Vaxjo Dff in the Swedish top tier. She is a fast, skillful and quick deciding forward who can as well deliver from the right flank.

Having helped St Mary’s Kitende clinch the 2012 girls national championship against perennial winners kawempe Muslim, she joined Kampala Junior Team (KJT) and later joined UCU lady Cardinals.

She later left the country in 2014 to Sweden and spent a whopping seven months without kicking a ball. As with any successful journey, things were not easy for the ambitious youngster who spent most of her time playing for her Side B.

Helping her team get promoted to the top tier was a dream come true for the Ugandan who was top scorer in the process.

As Vaxjo FC was playing linkoping Fc in the league opener, it was Viola’s goal that made the difference on the day.

As any professional player, Viola looks forward to playing for a team in Spain or France before she call it quits.

She adores Lionel Messi and cites hardwork and prayers as her career pillars.

Nambi the goal machine. Courtesy photos

Up close with Nambi

QN: Who inspired you when you were growing up?

  • It was Fatuma Luwedde who inspired me. I loved her style of play.

QN: What is your best and worst moment as a footballer?

  • When I was called on the national team for the first time . Then my worst was when we lost in semi finals against Masaka.

QN: What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

  • The craziest thing I think was when I stepped on my opponent after being pushed and the ref didn’t even care. I got mad and stepped her but was lucky not to get a red card. I got a yellow though.

QN: How do you think Girls football can be further improved in Uganda?

  • I think it’s all about the federation to give more support to the girls and motivate them because I think we have really good talents that need to be just motivated.

QN: How is your love life?

  • My love life I haven’t dated so many people. I will skip that.

QN: Do you support (fan) any team?

  • I support Arsenal and Barcelona

QN: Favourite Food

  • I love rice and chicken or matooke and G nuts.

QN: Favourite Gadget

  • My phone. iPhone

QN: Best Friend

  • Ritah Kivumbi

QN: Dream Car

  • Range Rover and Bugatti
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