Kickboxing: Luyooza Dismissed, New President Appointed

Uganda Kickboxing Federation president and his vice Patrick Luyooza and Richard Mpangire have been kicked out.

The development was reached recently in an extra ordinary meeting were a vote of no confidence to remove the were passed.

Luyooza is accused of mismanagement and abuse exhibited in the federation for the short time he has been in the office.

In the same meeting, Malik Kaliisa was appointed the new interim president of the Federation with the immediate effect.

Patrick Luyooza

It should be remember that the dismissed persons – Lukooya and Mpagire – were also just appointed on an interim basis after the death of Hassan Sekilime who was the elected President of the Federation seventeen months ago.

The letter, confirming the dismissal, seen by this website, reads in part:

“This is to inform you that the extra ordinary meeting held on the 28th day of September 2019, we passed a vote of no confidence to remove you Mr. PATRICK K. LUYOOZA and RICHARD MPANGIRE from the office of the president and Vice president of the Uganda kick boxing federation respectively.

“Mr. MALIK KALIISA was appointed and is the new interim president of Uganda kick boxing federation.”

According to the letter, Mr Luyooza failed to organize the elections in 60 days after serving for one month with his deputy as it was agreed, as an attempt to entrench themselves in power while Mpagire had no time to participate in the management of the federation as he dedicate all his time to his other official duties in UPDF.

It’s also indicated that Luyooza mismanaged and abused the federation structure by introducing his unqualified family members and friends in the federation whom he assigned different responsibilities and duties, to the extent of creating unknown positions.

Luyooza is also accused of not presenting the accountability for all the money which has been received from National council of sports and sanction fees collected from fights organized by the promoters and kick boxers in form of annual Affiliations.

It is alleged that the two reached an extent of abandoning the original federation bank account, creating a new one which even the elected treasurer is not a signatory.

The two also failed to call for the annual general assembly where the bye selections would have been conducted.

For the newly appointed interim federation President, Kaliisa, has been mandated to head the management of the Federation and organise elections in 90 days from his date of appointment and then to preside over the office when everything is done.

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