Kyazze Unmoved Despite FUFA Threats

Football-256 proprietor Clive Kyazze is no mood to bend down to FUFA irrespective of any threatening.

Kyazze under his sports website Football-256, has been promoting the upcoming Footballer of the year award which FUFA has revealed that the activations infringe on their intellectual properties.

On Tuesday, October 15, the website was given 48 hours to recall all their activations or face criminal and civil charges.

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However, new developments show that Kyazze will maintain his stance.

The Journalist has responded to the Football governing body (FUFA), claiming that the photos they used are with authorisation of the players and photographers.

Here are the excerpts from the Letter from Kyazze addressing FUFA:

“We are not aware of any intellectual property registered in the name of FUFA and our inspection of the trademark registered for the Ugandan crane jersey by FUFA has proven futile. We humbly seek your indulgence for proof of the said registration in FUFA’s names since protection of trademark is by registration alone.

“In addition,football 256 as a company is dedicated to the promotion of Ugandan Football and it has done so since its incorporation without any commercial gain. It has done so by reporting the national football team’s successes and failure on its online blog to keep the world abreast of all developments in Uganda’s football. For brevity’s sake we hasten to add that in that regard, our interests are aligned.

“In doing so,we have garnered a wide readership across the globe and to celebrate our anniversary,we allowed our readers to vote for their footballer of the year,basing on the performance of Ugandan players and our reviews of them as written on our blog a process that is on-going. It is therefore,not a surreptitious attempt to sell goods or services,or to deceptively attract customer or readers we would otherwise not have had.

“Relatedly, in your reference,you took issue with the infringement of players images’ but made no mention of it in the body of your letter. Image rights vest in individual players whose likeness is depicted in the photo and not in FUFA as the football governing body. The picture that we use on our website are with the authorization of the person whose images are depicted and that of the photographer who took the picture. We do not need your approval for the depiction of their likeness on our website.

“In our view, your letter to us is an assault on free speech calculated to silence commentary, criticism, and unfavourable reporting on Ugandan Football and we shall treat it with all the contempt that it deserves.”

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