Government Advised Not To Investigate Magogo

Ministry of Education and Sports has been advised not to investigate embattled and suspended FUFA president Moses Magogo over the alleged sale of Uganda’s tickets for the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

The Ministry, led by Janat Kataha Museveni, had requested advice from Ministry of Justice on a legal opinon on how government should proceed with further action on the matter following the sanctioning Moses Magogo by FIFA.

Magogo Steps Aside Amid FIFA Inquiry

The letter from John Bosco Rujagaata Suuza who is the Solicitor General at Ministry of Justice and Constitution affairs, says that any further probe into the case will be deemed by FIFA as “unwelcome interference” in the affairs of FUFA and can lead to suspension or ban.

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“FUFA is by definition a private organisation, made up of member association and subordinate to FIFA. While the association is registered by the National Council of Sports under their Act, Cap.48, its status as the internationally recognised overseer of football in Uganda is dependent on adherence by itself and by ‘third parties’ (including the government of Uganda) to FIFA statutes and regulations,” reads the letter in part.

“Article 19(1) of the FIFA statutes (2018) specifically provides that a member association (such as FUFA) shall manage it’s affairs independently and without undue interference from third parties.

“It’s almost certain that FIFA will deem Government involvement in the matter at hand, which its own independent ethics committee has already adjudicated upon and concluded, as unwelcome interference in the affairs of FUFA.

“Going by precedent, the most likely outcome of such a determination would be the suspension or banning of Uganda from International football or any similar unintended consequences.”

Magogo was suspended for two months by FIFA and is expected to return to office on December 10.

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