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Moses Magogo Returns: What Has Happened In His Absentia?

FUFA boss Moses Magogo returns to office today after serving his two month suspension by FIFA.

News about the suspension of Magogo spread like wild fire after FIFA confirmed the development on October 10, 2019.

Magogo who had entered into a plea-bargain by the chairman of FIFA’s adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee, was banned for two months in relation to the resale of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ tickets.

Consequently, Magogo was fined 10,000 swiss francs in addition to two months ban.

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This was the latest of events that had earlier seen Magogo step out of office after the 28th FUFA extra ordinary assembly in Adjumani.

There was in a reported internal scuffle in Adjumani on who should replace Magogo for the two months period before they zeroed down on Vice Justus Mugisha as its stipulated in the FUFA constitution and statutes that the first Vice President has to take the wheel.

Reflecting on the two months since, much has happened.

A number of activities from the African Cup of Nations Qualifiers 2021, The CECAFA Women Cup, The ongoing CECAFA men senior challenge Cup and CECAFA U17 among others tourneys.


As usual, administration doesn’t flash like light upon success, but is realized in procession.

Magogo being at the epitome of football governance in the cecafa region had a lot of work to do had he been in office. The action in the region was something of a workload had he been in office.

Disorganized already with no sponsor and committed participation of member countries, the cecafa senior men’s tournament looked more of a neglected village tournament with no interest from the villagers.

From countries withdrawing because of unclear reasons, some finance others political to changing venues like disco lights, the tournament leaves a lot to desire.

With a country that is suffocated with love for football but scarce of playing grounds, what could cause the same country to host two regional tournaments at the same time?

The U17 Women cecafa is played like a Gala, three games a day!

Government Advised Not To Investigate Magogo

As the two CECAFA tournaments are played, there is also another drum tournament, still sanctioned by the competitions committee going on.

Save for how defending champions Buganda Province was ‘pushed’ out of the tournament, the million dollar question still stands, couldn’t the drum have waited?

What has happened in women football in the absence of the FA president almost left it in dire state. For starters Magogo is the reason why the Women national team regained action of recent, starting up the league, the women cup and now the FUFA WOMEN SUPER LEAGUE as top division and the Fufa Women Elite league as the second division.

His women football team Kampala Queens is suffering the repercussions of rotten administration as CEO and manager Ivan Otim and head coach Faridah Bulega are at loggerheads, the latter considering resignation.

Still in his absence did the women football fraternity get shocked as coordinator and CEO of the recently launched “Take Flight” project Jean Senninde revealed on her blog how rotten, selfish and uncouth women football administrators are in the country. The take flight project was launched by the FA president.

As if that was not enough, still on the women senior national team did the player – molesting allegations by an official took the nation by storm.

What next?

With almost every key decision making meeting postponed up to his return, what does he have to offer?

With his return in office today, a lot of excitement from his personal fans and other football lovers, a number of questions still linger in the air. What about his future as a football administrator?
What about the future of Ugandan football on an international scale?

Did all this chaos happen as proof of how the beautiful game missed its engineer? or just a crystal clear evidence of how bad he is at administration since nothing can’t work in his absentia?

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