Magogo Reveals Football Challenges of 2019

FUFA boss Moses Magogo has highlighted a number of challenges faced by the association in the year 2019.

Speaking to the media in the end of the year address on matter of football at FUFA headquarters Mengo, Magogo hinted on a number of challenge as below;


He noted that the biggest challenge pegging back Ugandan football in particular and sports in general is the lack of sufficient sports facilities.

“There is only one national stadium and its in a very bad state, the region stadium are not anything to mention of, therefore we cannot develop, we cannot prepare athletes to compete internationally without proper infrastructures and equipments,” Magogo said.

Unfavourable Law

Magogo noted that the only Ugandan sports law is the 1964 national council of sports act and its instruments were done 50 years later, imported in 1839 of land trustees act.

“The incumbent laws do not address the challenges of rapidly changing game, things like doping, match fixing, commercialisation and arbitration are modern day things and we urgently need new sports laws.”

Inadequacy in terms of human resource

He claimed that the modern game requires experienced, well drilled and motivated human resource at all levels.

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“Where as FUFA continues to provide resources its important that proper curriculum in high institutional of learning provides Sports professional support courses like sports law, sports Medicine and in areas of ICT, Marketing, Sports Science, Nutrition specifically targeting sports like how other countries have taken on,” Magogo commented about the matter.

Ugandan Players Failing Overseas

He commented that much as Ugandan players have got deals to play for international clubs, but they have failed to maintain their position in these clubs and have failed to break into the five top leagues in the world.

Financial instability of Clubs

He said: “The challenge in management and governance of financial stability at elite clubs remain biggest challenge, organizing proper football club competitions also the quality of competition is depended upon at the available infrastructure.”

Attack On FUFA

Magogo stressed that the FUFA brand has been belated, maligned and lambasted.

“I don’t think that there any other commercial brand in Uganda that has been torn apart like FUFA brand and it’s officials and many times wrongly, out of ignorance, deliberate negative propaganda with extortion and arm twisting by the section of the media and mass communicator.

“However, the brand continues to generate revenues and operate positively by producing results.”


He said that Football still faces inadequate sponsorship despite generating over 24 billion. He added that the amount is still less than 1.2% of the available money for sponsorship.

Reduction in Fans

Magogo also highlighted the reduction in number of fans attending national team matches and claimed that FUFA are taking the responsibility as to why this is happening despite the outstanding positive results.


Low rates of embracing technology in football is one of the challenges the President highlighted.

He drew his comparison with the music industry which he said that they have highly embraced technology in terms of social media, recording proper videos for theirs consumers unlike when it comes to football, where most of our clubs are not even live on social media.

He added that despite all the challenges, they have managed to register enormous success including qualifying back to back in AFCON and going past group group stages for the Cranes.

Other success stories, as highlighted by Magogo, include;

Qualifying to CHAN for 5the consecutive time, winning Cecafa U-15 boys, Cecafa and Cosafa U-17 girls title victory, and KCCA winning the Cecafa Kagame club championship which was the 6th time Ugandan club winning it out of the 46th edition played.

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