Bob Trubish Bounces Back As P.A.U Chairman


The 17th Annual General Assembly of the Pool Association of Uganda sat at Pearl Highway hotel in Kibuye and Re-elected Bob Trubish as chairman to lead the Association for the next 4 Years. In July this year, Trubish had been voted out as a unanimous decision of an EGM, together with his entire executive.

The 19th January assembly re-vetted all aspirants for executive office, after an inconvenient vetting exercise which had earlier left out Trubish and other candidates for reasons not constitutionally enshrined. In an election presided over by Farouk Kisuze(Trust Board chairman), Trubish was voted by 28 delegates, beating his competitor Douglas Mayanja who had 15 votes. This made Bob the second person to chair the Association twice, after Adam Sebbi.

Former Tournament Secretary Robert Kayanja was elected unopposed as Vice chairman and his previous role was taken over by Kalibbala Ismail, also unopposed

Former secretary David Mugabi beat Prince Ainematsiko by 22 votes to 18 for the post of treasurer in the closest contest of the day. Interim publicity secretary Peter Kyobe became confirmed to the position after beating Jondu Emmy to the post, by 32 votes to 9.

Fauzah Namuganza and Simon Kiirya were elected unopposed to the positions of Ladies’ Secretary and Schools/Institutions secretary respective in both positions they’ve held before, to complete the new line up of the Executive Committee

The new Executive will not have time for Honeymoon, as they have their work Cut out. The pool league is only half way. There’s also general concern over not having a full calendar of events last year, including the National Open miss.

These are some of the first assignments of the new Executive Team lead by Trubish, who joined the Association as a player of Afro Pool club in 2009. He then trained as a pool umpire who excelled by becoming the first umpire to officiate 2 finals of the National open grand finale. Bob joined Hotpool club as player who was part of the team’s relegation and re-promotion to the senior league between 2012-2013. On return to senior League, his club appointed him Team manager, a post he held till early 2019 after falling out with the club’s management to join Scrap Buyers, whom he represents to date

He returns to office with need to reconcile the fraternity following a much contested election exercise

Previous Chairpersons of the Pool Association of Uganda

  1. Caster Ssemwogerere(1999-2003)
  2. Adam Sebbi(2004-2006)
  3. Bob Menani(2006-2009)
  4. Godfrey Mabirizi(2009-2010)
  5. Farouk Wamala Kisuze(2011-2016)
  6. Bob Trubish(2017-2019)
  7. Herbert Turyagyenda(2019 co-opted)
  8. Adam Sebbi(2019-2020- Interim)
  9. Bob Trubish(2020 to date)
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