Obua Vows To Uplift National Sports Federations

Newly appointed Minister of State for Sports Hamson Denis Obua has promised to help all the sports federations affiliated to National Council of Sports (NCS).

Obua made the remarks during the acclimatization tour of the NCS Lugogo sports complex on Tuesday.

The Minister met NCS’ board member and staff and toured the premises before a brief press conference in the boardroom.

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Hamson Obua Speaks to the press in NCS boardroom. NCS media photo

In his remarks, when asked by the press about the plans he has in store for Federations, Obua commented that he is ready to work hand in hand with the Ministry and NCS to lift the Federations.

“We will do all what it takes to help them build capacity,” he said. “Some of these federations don’t have offices while others are housed at the MTN arena. To have a federation that doesn’t have a point of contact is a bit unfair, we want to help them secure a home where they can be found.”

“You are a national federation, bearing the name of Uganda and that means that your activities are national. But you don’t have an office. Our first task will be to help them build capacity, in terms of offices.

“We will sit with them, I also intend under the guidance of the senior minister to pay courtesy calls to offices of all the 50-plus accredited and registered national federations, go to their offices one by one and discuss with them the challenges they face.”

He however advised them not to expect everything from the government, adding that they too should first ask themselves what are they offering to the government.

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NCS officials pose for a photo with the new sports minister

He highlighted the importance of a Federation owning fully fledged offices where he explained that it becomes simple to attract corporate sponsors

“For the government to fund activities of a national federation without an office, where will the auditors from auditor general go to do an audit?,” he added.

Earlier, the Minister on certain platforms had cautioned all the Federations with briefcase offices.

On the issue of funding, he commented that federations will be targeting three major ways to acquire funds, namely; Government, corporate sponsors and Grants from international sports federations.

He hailed Uganda’s government for extending a helping hand to the Sports sector, something which he said doesn’t normally happen elsewhere.

“When you look at developed counties, sports is handled by the private sector, we are happy that government in Uganda is giving a helping hand taking on the responsibility of supporting sports disciplines.”

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