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Peace Nakirijja: Guard Leaves JKL With Some Regrets

JKL Lady Dolphins has released guard Peace Nakirijja after the end of a successful 2019 campaign, the club recently confirmed.

The long serving player joined JKL in 2015 and later renewed her contract until 2019. She has been part of the club’s successive story that includes two league titles and a Zone five championship.

She notably captained the team from the lower division.

“When my contract ended, the management asked what my plan was and if I wanted re-sign, and i said No! I felt even if I put effort when the team is going to keep playing younger players no matter how much work I put in it won’t ever make sense to me,” Nakirijja opened up.

“So it was a decision I made for me, I have no more growth over there individually! I’ll always be stagnant.”

“It was a lovely journey over there, at least when I was also still a young player, the organization believed in me and we came this far, together.”

The fact file

Nakirijja who is very good defensively and can also orchestrate plays going forward, has also played for Lady Bucks in 2010, UCU in 2011 to 2014 before joining the Lady Dolphins.

She says that she will be playing in the league next season but has ‘not decided yet’ and ‘I will make a final decision depending on where money is, not the ability of the team.’

Sources have claimed that Nakirijja is on KCCA Leopards and Angels’ radar.

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Days of UCU: Peace Nakirijja (right) and Angellah Namirimu

Currently, she is undertaking development coaching as she trains kids at Seeta high and St Balikudembe.

Reflecting on the past years with JKL, Nakirijja says that she will miss everyone at the club adding that they are amazing humans.

“I love them all so much, and if I could choose to make a different decision I would stay just for them, but I had to choose me.

“Secondly, no team has great bigs like JKL. As a guard, I will miss that. Being able to shoot and they have me on the rebound or ready to given me a solid pick and roll, such amazing people on the post.”

The champ is here – Peace Nakirijja posing with the Zone five title
Nakirija: The guard in action at Lugogo

She played 27 games (starting 16) for JKL Last season. Averaging 4 points and as many rebounds as the Lady Dolphins defended the league.

She had to share her the minutes with other guards on the team – Flavia Nakitende, Brenda Nakitende, Hope Gimono, Evelyn Nakiyingi, Angellah Namirimu and Rita Imanishimwe.

She says that her worst moment with the club was in Zone Five 2019 in Dar Es Salam when I worked so hard, trained and I didn’t get to feature much after being so excited to play.

Going to Dar, JKL added recruited Zainah Lokwameri, Brenda Ekone, Sarah Ageno and Rose Akon to beef up the team.

Zone five Queens

“My best moments were still in Zone V 2019 in, witnessing my team reach that achievement. When the team was started I was the team captain and the president of the club by then said he wanted to win it all some day, we worked towards it.”

Nakirijja added:

“Recruiting each year, making sure our team gets the identity that can make this team come true and each year we fell short. Then management kept letting go of players, and coaches signing new ones to make the dream come to life.

“And being the only player who had started with the team (as Oyella Stella had gone for netball as the other person whose been with management from the start). Witnessing this meant dreams can come to life! For me it showed patience, hard work and Belief.”

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