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Photos: Obua Highlights Need For Revamping NCS Facilities

Sports Minister Hamson Obua made an acclimatization tour of the NCS Lugogo sports complex on Tuesday.

He said that some of the sports facilities at NCS need a total overhaul while others will have to be facelifted to better standards.

“There is need for investment in revamping our sports facilities starting with NCS,” said Obua.

“In my interaction with the NCS board and management, I have come to know that they have an investment plan. They have secured 16 acres of land where NCS currently sits, there is a certificate of title to that effect and that presupposes that NCS is the legitimate owner of that land.

“They can, through their investment plan, be able to engage both government and private actors in developing this facility.”

Some of the facilities seated on NCS land include the Lugogo Cricket Oval, MTN Indoor Arena, Tennis Courts, Gym, Hockey Pitch, Sports Hotels among others.

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Check the slideshow for the photos – Courtesy NCS media

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