Boxing: Luzira Prisons Hails ‘Disciplined’ Bombers

Luzira Prisons Sports Officer Robert Iwanve has expressed warm approval for the behavior of the National Boxing team, the Bombers.

The Bombers are camping at Luzira as they prepare for the upcoming Africa Boxing Championship set in Dakar, Senegal.

The praises come amidst wrong impressions in the public about the sport of Boxing which many have branded to be a sport of ‘thugs’.

“I have realized that the Bombers are the best in terms of discipline, we all know boxers were not good people in past, they were involved much in crimes like thefty, out of ring fights and other bad behaviours,” said Iwanve at Luzira.

“It is quite good to see the likes of Zebra Mando emphasising on discipline, I don’t know whether the secret is with this president Moses Muhangi but the fact is that there is a huge change in terms of discipline.

“I have been serving in this position for six years but these Bombers are very special as compared to the past. I remember one day I forgotten that they were locked out of the Gym but they waited up to three hours – If it was one of the passed teams, it would have been a different story.”

The Bombers have been in camp for two weeks at Luzira.

Sports Minister Hamson Obua paid a courtesy visit to the team on Wednesday.

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