Express Fan Suspended For ‘Misbehaving, Use Of Vulgar Words’

Express FC fans committee has suspended the club fan Hakeem ‘Kawonawo’ Ssemanda Mugirabeza after finding him guilty of Misbehaving.

The letter, which has also been shared on club pages, says kawonawo has been found guilty of misbehaving on several occasions.

He has been banned from attending all the remaining home fixtures of Express this season.

The suspension letter was signed by fans chairman Wamala Edward, as they move to combat hooliganism.

Kawonawo is pinned for his violent actions on his way to and from Jinja for the club’s game against Busoga United which was their second round opener.

He is also accused of throwing objects onto the pitch during club’s Uganda Cup against Maroons at Kavumba which halted the game to over 5 minutes, and it was on that same game day where he caused the accident on his way from the match which left some fans badly injured.

In the letter, it is said that he has been using abusive and vulgar language in public during games, trying to incite violence, where the club says that the above acts are contrary to club’s rules and regulations.

Apart from suspension, Kawonawo has been tasked to write a formal apology to the injured fan and to foot his bill and warned not to try access the home ground because the security agencies at Kavumba have been briefed on the same.

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