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Proline Refute FUFA Claims On CAS Ruling

Proline FC has revealed why its case forwarded to CAS was terminated.

Last year, Proline petitioned to CAS challenging FUFA Competition Disciplinary Panel ruling of docking off six points and six goal from them after after the club failed to honour home game against Villa on September 7th, 2019.

FUFA posted on their website that CAS has terminated the case because ‘Proline failed to present any proof of payment as an advance’ to start hearing the case.

According to the press release from Proline, it literally indicates that FUFA was the main reason for case dismissal due its refusal of not paying the required amount of approximately Sh80M.

Press Release in parts reads:

“Its indeed true that CAS terminated our case for failure to pay both our share and FUFA’s share of the final cost. However we would like to shed some light on what got us to that point, even when we were willing to pay.

“Initially, we paid the initial fees of 1000 swiss francs (4m UGX) and fulfilled all the steps CAS asked for to assess the validity and gravity of our case. After determining that there was indeed a case to look into, both parties were asked to choose arbitrators,which was duly done.

“We were then notified that for the case to start,each party involved was to pay 22000 Swiss francs (approx. 80M Ugx). We were willing and ready to pay but in the process of working with CAS on how to pay our share, we were informed that in case FUFA doesn’t pay its share, we were supposed to pay for it and that the case would still not go forward until we do so.

“The injustice of this stance rattled us and we duly wrote back to CAS complaining about the same. We informed them that we were willing to pay our share and asked that they should find a way to accommodate our plea, seeing that the only thing FUFA needed to do to kill our case was refusal to pay up their share.”

Proline added that they will continue to seek alternative ways of getting their case heard in different FIFA forums.

Proline currently sit at the bottom of the table with 18 points from 22 games.

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