Outspoken Buwembo Blasts Minister Obua Over Nakivubo

Nakivuba war memorial stadium, Courtesy photo

Former national team player Ibrahim Buwembo Mukalazi has revealed his disappointed and frustrated to hear New State Minister for Sports Hamson David Obua praise the current status of Nakivubo stadium.

On Thursday February 20, the Obua went to Nakivubo war II memorial stadium to monitor how far Hammis Kiggundu has gone in improving one of the oldest stadium in Africa.

After the monitoring, Obua appeared satisfied and he called up the public to visit Nakivubo which he claimed to be an Improved facility as compared to where it was before it was given to Ham in 2016 for redeveloping.

Buwembo, in his playing days, was a left winger who featured for Express, Coffee, State House, Simba and Cubs.

He testified in 2018 before the court on Nakivubo War II memorial stadium was demolished for modern shopping malls.

“Nakivubo had 13 acres but only three acres are remaining now, the other ten are occupied by ham shopping mall, we all know Nakivubo’s sitting capacity was 30,000 now on three acres how can they construct a stadium which can house even 10,000?” Buwembo commented.

“Which CAF or FIFA will pass that stadium to host any match? Is this what Obua calls developing? Is that the developed stadium that Obua is calling us to see?

“When Obua entered the office, didn’t he find issues including a court case against Nakivubo? Why didn’t he first resolve that Issue? If he is praising the remaining three acres without asking for the whereabouts of other 10 acres then he doesn’t know what he is doing.”

Buwembo reluctantly asked for the arrest of the former state minister for sports Charles Bakkabulindi and his board which was in charge of Nakivubo by the time it was leased to Ham for close to 50 years.

Buwembo suggested that it would have been leased to someone who was interested in developing the stadium to about 50,000 in terms of capacity.

Nakivubo was put in place 1926. And it was rebranded as Nakivubo War 2 memorial stadium after the second world war.

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