Tadeus Kitandwe Risks Ban After Insulting Referee Shamira Nabadda

Vipers SC shareholder Tadeus Kitandwe may be summoned by FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel after dehumanizing remarks against referee Shamirah Nabadda.

Referee Nabadda was at the end of negative criticism after she ‘wrongly’ sent off Fahad Bayo in a league game at Wakissha Resource centre.

Bayo was given a direct red card, instead of yellow, when he blocked the ball with his hands in the 35th minute between Vipers and Wakiso Giants on Friday.

Kitandwe took his social media, Facebook to be specific, to put up what turned out to be a controversial post, where he referred to Nabadda as a ‘bumless chic’.

A screenshot of Tadeus Kitandwe directed against referee Shamira Nabadda

The post was greeted with negative comments, edited before the owner deleted it.

Kitandwe was in 2016 banned by FUFA after he was found guilty of involving in an irregular transfer of then Vipers midfielder Joseph Mpande. He was later exonerated.

How Damaging Is Kitandwe’s Post?

The abusive post comes at a time when FUFA is upping the fight to curb fans hooliganism the game.

Many fans this season have been slapped with stadium bans while clubs asked to pay fines, all this in a bid to bring the game into order.

Kitandwe’s frustration can be understandable to a certain extent, a bad decision going your way that can hugely decide the direction of a trophy, but his retaliation to the matter was tantamount and against football ethos.

It sets a bad precedent, damages his reputation and the image of Vipers as a club.

But it’s worse to the referee.

The match officials have faced many hostile environments created by players, coaches and fans ranging from verbal abuse, physical and social media as well.

This, may create an everlasting and adverse effect to Nabadda mentally and in terms of performance as well.

Brian Kawalya

Brian Kawalya

Chief Sports Writer
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