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Uganda Coaches Reveal The Impact Of Coronavirus On Women Football

The Coronavirus pandemic will greatly affect women football in Uganda

The graph showing the progress of Women Football in Uganda has been on a rise, but the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, has left everything at a standstill.

Recently, the president of Uganda his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni put a ban on all the public gatherings including sports because of the novel Coronavirus.

The break came at a time when the women’s game was at its peak; Uganda U17 women team, that had won CECAFA and Cosafa in 2019, had just eliminated Tanzania to progress to the next stage of the FIFA U17 Women World Cup Qualifiers.

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UCU Lady Cardinals. Courtesy

The leagues (Women Super and Elite) and Women Cup had reached the business end. A lot was at stake, and the following from the fans had continued to grow.

Whatever happens after this break, there is a big belief that women football will never be the same again.

We got a chance to have a one-on-one with different women coaches to give their thoughts about the ongoing forced break.

Ayub Khalifa Kiyingi – Kawempe Muslims Ladies team and Uganda Women U17

I think before we even look at football, we have to think of the health of those who play the game. It’s life first. The break definitely has an effect on the game not only on the fast growing women football but even on other sports.

The fitness levels will not be the same again, remember we have been in the middle of playing season and now look at where we are and we also don’t know how to define it. Is it a preseason? no training. no nothing.

Women’s ability rely heavily on continuous practice and they are going to technically and tactically be retarded.

Lastly advised them to take precautions about deadly pandemic disease by doing what the world feels is a preventive measure.

Individual training has always been my word of gospel for them to better themselves, good teams are made up of good players and good players are those who who compete with them selves to improve .you don’t have to compete with anyone to better your performance ,it is your life it is your body to maintain your fittness.

Ayub Khalifa in celebration with the Kawempe team

Zzinda Alli – She Corporates

This is a threat to the world but reacting to issues of the women football in particular, I think the damage is big due to the fact that many people who had never been involved in it had picked interest.

Secondly, it is on record that the game had started getting more hype from all major media houses both on radio, TVs, newspaper and social media platforms and now that is no more due to suspension of the league.

We pray the almighty Allah save and protect us from this pandemic so that we can enjoy our sweet game. It is our nation, it is our game.

Uganda U17 Women Football team. FUFA photo

Kayinda Mustapha – Asubo Gafford ladies team

Suspension of the women game is going to be tight and very hard for ladies but we should know that it is good for our country and ladies at large because we need healthy life.

Basically the way you know ladies, they need continuous training in order for them to be perfect and fit. So, missing them for 30 days is going to be hard for them to regain their fitness and awakening their bodies. Finally, I advised them to do personal training like road work every morning and evening.

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