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Uganda Clubs and Origins of their Nicknames – Part One

A club nickname can be defined as substitute name used by used by those in affection of their club.

Some clubs have earned their nicknames from opponents fans who use them to defame the rival.

Most nicknames are historical, while other have their nicknames that have proved to be meaningless.

And some clubs have more than one, which reflect a club’s identity and heritage as well.

Here is Part One

Express FC – The Red Eagles/ Square Pass/ Mukwano Gwabangi

Formed in 1957, Express FC is one of the oldest football club and has one of the biggest following in the region.

Their most common nickname is ‘The Red Eagles’ which can be traced way back in the early 1960s.

One of the club’s founders Jolly Joe Kiwanuka always showed his discontent when Express FC players were not summoned to the national team by the Uganda Cranes coach then Clive Bond.

Nigeria’s team, the Green Eagles, visited Uganda and beat Clive’s Cranes, 2-0 that had no Express player.

To prove their worth, Express (wearing red) staged a friendly with Green Eagles; Express won 3-0 which prompted Kiwanuka to name his side the Red Eagles.

Kiwanuka also repeatedly called Express FC team ‘Mukwano Gwabangi’ to show that the side is non-partisan unlike other clubs then, while it is said that the ‘Square Pass’ name originates from their good football played then.

Kyetume FCThe Slaughters

Kyetume FC’s true origin needs a lot of citation as many officials at the club have contradicting views with the attachment they have with the said defunct club in Mukono.

In the 1970s, though the club’s origin remains in shade, it is said that Kyetume FC highly benefited from the main economic activity of the region which is Cattle slaughtering.

Kyetume chairman Ruben Kaggwa Mubiru. Behind is a visible club logo that shows a bull head which isa big portrayal for the slaughtering business

Some amount of money was levied off evey cow that was slaughtered in the Mukono abattoir, to support the club back in the days.

Hence, the origin of the nickname was born then, from the cattle slaughtering business where Kyetume FC is based.

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Busoga UnitedThe Mighty team/ Eyaife/ School Boys

Busoga United was founded in 2012 after a merge between Kirinya FC and Jinja SS team.

Busoga United chairperson Dianah Nyango Hope is a headmistress for Jinja SS and brain behind the formation of the Mighty team

The team later changed name to Busoga United in 2019 in a bid to appeal to the people in Busoga and spread the wings outside the gates of the Jinja SS.

Their official nickname of The Mighty team was just extended from Jinja SSS which is called The Mighty School.

Eyaiffe is their second nickname, a Lusoga word which means ‘Ours’.

However, many opponents normally refer to them as ‘School Boys’ as an insult because the team used 95% of the school team in the squad.

Mbarara City FCThe Ankole Lions

The club was started in 2010 as Citizens FC thanks to the management of Citizens High School. The team was later renamed Mbarara City FC in July 2016 to get acceptability in Mbarara region.

Mbarara City fans enjoying a game at Kakyeka Stadium.

Their nickname ‘Ankole Lions’ comes from the fact that the club is based in Ankole sub-region.

Legend has it that there was a forest called Ensanzi which was inhabited by lions said to be possessed by the spirits of former kings of Ankole.

To further establish their superiority and show that they are the kings of the region, Mbarara City FC opted for that nickname.

URA FC The Tax Collectors

URA FC’s history is strongly connected with Lyantonde FC in 2000.

After they failed to make it into the mini-league, URA then benefited from financial struggles at Lyantonde FC that had seen the side fail to raise Sh200,000 to compete in Buganda Mini League in Luwero.

He club is funded by the Revenue authority. Courtesy photo

The Authority decided to merge (read take over) with Lyantonde in 2001 and the rest as they say, is history.

Their nickname of ‘The tax collectors’ is a no-brainer. It originates from their mother body which is responsible for enforcing, assessing and collecting taxes imposed in Uganda.

This is part One. Keep here for more

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