Cranes Players Have No Business In FUFA Proposal – Magogo Claims

FUFA President Moses Magogo says that the opinions of Uganda Cranes players about the the new FUFA proposal don’t matter.

This comes after some Uganda Cranes players including Denis Onyango showed their discontent with the new FUFA proposals.

The new proposals if approved, will among others see the teams in Uganda Premier League reduced from 16 to 12 in the 2021/22 season.

“I have seen some people trying to politicise these reforms,” Magogo said. “They are using the usual tactic, trying to involve the Uganda Cranes players into seeking their opinion. The players have no business with these reforms, their job is to play for the Uganda Cranes.”

“People who are trying to use these players are trying to import politics by using the players against the federation. The same tactic that negative forces use.

“Anybody who is doing that is not for the proposal, is basically a politician. And we have talked to the players, we have a good relationship with them. Let’s try to leave out Cranes players into this politics.”

Magogo urged the public to debate about these reforms in an healthy manner.

“There is no reason to support your point by abusing and demeaning people. If you have a strong point you can debate it with humility,” Magogo added.

“There is going to be opportunities where we are going to engage in terms of the debate and discussions on how we can actually make this proposal better.”

Just like Onyango, former Cranes captain Andy Mwesigwa also advised that FUFA should instead increase the number of teams in the league, a move that will increase job opportunities for the players.

Magogo however asked journalists to instead ask the local players who are directly affected.

“If you are looking for players, why don’t you ask players in the league who are not paid whether this proposal will work for them?”

The president added that the new proposal is intended to improve the competition level in the league.

“We also have a challenge that many players leave the Ugandan league to go play as Professionals, but they immediately come back. What does that tell you? Have we given them enough competition? let’s give the proposal a chance, let us debate let us bring out ideas that are going to form the proposals for the betterment of our football.”

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