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Denis Balungu: Up Close With Betway Power’s New Pillar

Betway Power released an almost entire squad, including stalwarts Joseph Ikong and Paul Odong, at the end of last season.

Denis Balungu headlines the new signings at the club and will seek to emulate and better the past regime as the five-time champions search for their first title since 2011.

Joining from KIU Titans, where he is still a third year student at the Kansanga based university, Balungu is an elite defender who holds a reputation of stretching the floor.

The Congolese-born is a third from the family of seven – four boys and three girls. His younger brother Moise and sister Aurelie Balungu also play basketball. The former is playing college basketball is the States.

Balungu who lost his Mum in 2014 was a good footballer, a goalkeeper to be specific. “I used to play football in an academy which I joined in 2015, my dad took me there,” Balungu reflects.

He later picked interest in Basketball after watching people play at a nearby court.

“I immediately started training with Goma Bulls and boom, I joined the team immediately, that is how I started my ball journey.”

From Goma Bulls, the small forward joined Mont Carmel, BC Wolves before leaving DR Congo to pursue his academic qualifications in Uganda.

He joined KIU Titans after a stint with lower division side LC Hovers.

His best achievement so far was a 2017 NBL runners up medal after KIU lost to City Oilers in the finals.

“I don’t have a specific dream. I just want to do better every time to get a chance to play the game. I want to push till I get the best version of myself as I play the game,” Balungu adds.

The Arrival: Denis Balungu (middle) will seek to elevate Betway – sponsored Power to greater heights. Power photo

He revealed that he would change the rule on foreign players if he was the FUBA president, and he credited Coach Brian Wathum for a big stone he added on his career.

Quick Fire:

Pregame rituals – Listen to Congolese music

Best Game – Finals against Oilers (Game 1)

Hardest opponent – Tony Drilleba

Dream Team – Bwanga Micheal (PG), Chris Omanye (SG), David Dikong Kongor (SF), Landry Ndikumana (PF), James Okello (C).

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