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Nasser Sserunjogi: National Teams Should Be Financed By Government

Federation of Uganda Basketball Association President Nasser Sserunjogi says that national teams activities “should be sponsored by government.”

Sserunjogi who made the remarks while appearing on NBS TV’s The Score on Sunday, believes that the move will give the teams confidence which leads to competitive advantage.

Sserunjogi said: “While federations should be urged to look for corporate sponsorship, I am of the belief that all national team activities should be financed by the government.”

“It is time National Council of Sports impresses upon the government the importance of sports to the country’s economy.”

FUBA President Nasser Sserunjogi. Monitor photo

The national football team, the Uganda Cranes, has been one of the beneficiaries after receiving almost 100% funding from the government during international engagements.

Sserunjogi said that this should cut across all the national teams and also called on for more bigger budgets for sports.

He revealed his disappointment with National Council of Sports for giving priority to non sports activities at the sports facilities.

Music concerts and gospel crusades for example, have been allowed to be held in sports facilities like Lugogo Cricket Oval and MTN Indoor Arena.

He said: “We already have a problem of limited sports facilities. It makes it even worse when priority is given to non-sporting activities at these facilities all in the name of making money. Sports facilities should give priority to sports events.”

With sports banned since mid March due to Covid19 pandemic, Sserunjogi said that basketball has been “hit badly.”

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