President Museveni Boasts About Playing Football, Cricket

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said that he was a good sportsperson during his early days.

With his records nowhere to be seen, he boasted about playing Football and Cricket during an exclusive interview with NBS TV on Monday.

He revealed that he had to leave sports and opted to liberate the country.

“I used to be a footballer and played Cricket as well, and at that time, I doubt if someone from Ntugamo then knew how to play Cricket,” Museveni told Canary Mugume.

“I stopped playing sports in 1966 because at that time our country was getting into problems. I was focusing more on the struggles of our politics than sports.

“I forgot about football and cricket, but if there is no virus, I can go back to some sports.”

Museveni was earlier this year awarded with ANOCA order of merit after the 55th ANOCA Executive board meeting held in Kampala for the first time.

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