Gaddafi FC: Regional League Club Acquires State Of The Art Bus

Eastern regional league team Gaddafi FC has continued to make their intents known after buying a new team Bus.

The bus will automatically ease the transportation process for players especially to and fro matches.

The bus is currently at the club president Eddie Ocheny’s home awaiting branding, a source has told this website.

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Inside Gaddafi FC bus. Courtesy photo

Gaddafi FC played in Jinja District fifth Division league in 2017 and later topped the fourth division in 2018/19 season.

This month, FUFA ended all football competitions – Gaddafi were declared as winners of Nile group and will face Admin FC (Bukeddi group) to determine winner of the Eastern regional League.

Winner of what promises to be a pulsating final, will play winner of the North Eastern Regional league to determine which team will be promoted to the FUFA Big League – The second tier of FUFA football league hierarchy.

The final play off in the North Eastern regional league will be between Sansiro Football Club (Bisina) and Team Church Football Club (Kyoga).

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