Katwe United Appeals Against Relegation, Asks FUFA Sh120M

Katwe United, through Jude Mbabali & Co advocates, has officially appealed against relegation after FUFA decided to end football competitions in the country.

In addition, the club, is seeking Sh120M from FUFA in damages for “embarrassment caused.”

FUFA employed Article 18(c) of the competition rules to decide the final position of the 2019/20 FUFA Big League.

Consequently, Katwe United is among the three three clubs that were relegated to Regional league.

The rule used states that the final positions is decided by the current table standings “where at least one club has played more than 75% of the league games.”

In their appeal, Katwe United says that no club, Nyamityobora inclusive, had played more than 75% of the FUFA Big League fixtures at the time the league was stopped.

Nyamityobora played only 12 of the 16 games per Big league table which makes it exactly 75% but not more than 75% as required under the rule.

“Your decision to stop the Big League was based on a wrong fact and therefore the decision is null and void in the face of the law but it is the decision on which you the relegation of our client to a lower league yet our client still had 90 % chances of not to be relegated if the league is completed,” reads the letter from the advocate, in part.

“Therefore, the purpose hereof is to inform you that we have been given instructions to demand as follows;

“(a) That you rescind the said illegal decision with a view to let the said league be played to conclusion since the excuse of force majeure can’t hold any more as the His Excellence the president has erased on the conditions of the partial lockdown.

“(b) That you pay our client Sh120M being in damages for the embarrassment caused to our client within 7 days from the date hereof failure of which we will have no option but resort to the courts at your own cost and embarrassment in addition to filing a complaint in FIFA against FUFA for floating the rules and causing embarrassment to our clients.”

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