Misagga Attacks Magogo For Abandoning Late Kirunda, Ex Players

Eng Ben Misagga has blamed FUFA boss Moses Magogo for ceasing to support Late Uganda Cranes captain Jimmy Kirunda and other ex internationals.

The Ntamityobora boss, via his blog, revealed that he was dismayed by FUFA showing concern after Kirunda’s death “especially when they knew knew his health situation before hand.”

“Moses Magogo, the discredited, took over the Fufa leadership in 2013, he immediately sacked him (Jimmy Kirunda) from the role of adviser. Magogo instead preferred to assemble a team of people who have never sacrificed anything tangible in Ugandan football,” Misagga wrote.

“That was the start of the end of Kirunda, who had to endure the last days of his life physically, mentally, and financially handicapped.

FUFA has been at the receiving end of criticism for neglecting former Uganda Cranes players.

Obadiah Ssemakula is the latest of the Ex players to come out and seek assistance from the public.

It is said that Magogo fired the late Kirunda “a few days of taking office by throwing away Kirunda’s files outside his office” after he was brought on board by Lawrence Mulindwa to offer technical support at Mengo.

Misagga adds that the firing of Kirunda’s was the beginning of Magogo’s purge of ex-internationals who were all scrapped as members of the Fufa assembly after a year. “It was a deliberate ploy to get rid of people with respectable profiles.”

“I know the Fufa executive feels more secure by keeping the ex-internationals at arm’s length but this is counterproductive because when the current generation of players see their heroes struggling, they become mercenaries, eager to get rich quick so that they can run away from the game with little focus on developing their careers.

He advised the current players and ex-internationals to know the player’s value in the football chain. “So long as Magogo and cohorts are still in charge, know that your importance starts and stops on the pitch and may be also to be paraded at State House while arm-twisting government for presidential envelopes.”

“FUFA can start atoning for Kirunda by apportioning part of the $500,000 to save ex-internationals or include their plight in the annual budget. The least Fufa can do for Kirunda is to erect a monument in his honour.”

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