We Must Have An Independent Sports Ministry – Letter To Museveni

The Letter To President Museveni

Gilbert Ngyendo Tumuhirwe
Kabala District, Kigezi Region
Western Uganda

Email – [email protected]

Your Excellency the president of Uganda

RE: Sports Ministry

This information comes from a well researched informed experienced patriotic sports man.

On this note I would like to share it with you Your Excellence Cabinet and the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.

If my country is to become a middle income status country and accommodate the 15 million plus Bazukulu (youthful), we must have an independent SPORTS MINISTRY or else we prepare to have a nonsense, waragi-ful and drug addicted Bazukulu in the near future hence the result “crime increase, poverty and raise of none communicable diseases.

A case study of Kigezi Region (Kabale, Kisoro, Rukungiri, Kanungu, Rukiga and Rubanda).

  1. Apart from FUFA, the rest of the sports federation don ot exist at the grassroot and it’s not because they don’t have funds so as to extend their operations up country but the amateur mind set, unsporting and idiosyncrasy of service providers and office bearers.
  2. The country needs a new sports law that caters for the sports industry as an economic venture which can employ all class of Ugandans from professionals to none.
  3. All of the district sports officers in Kigezi none have a sportive documented background yet this is a technical department that at least needs a hands on knowledge, It is known that some sports officers recommend some schools to get operation license/center numbers without any visible or tangible sports field or even any indoor game for students to participate thus putting our sports industry in a mess.

Your Excellence Uganda has lots of talent and is the most politically stable country in East and central Africa by record. My question is? Why can’t we produce World class athletes/players or participate frequently in World sports events.

The solution is to give us an independent Sports Ministry there after demand us results.

I will be grateful if my sportive request is granted.

Yours patriotic
Gilbert Ngyendo
Sports Man (Kigezi)

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