• July 16, 2020

Big League Teams Required To Have Junior Teams – FUFA Proposes

 Big League Teams Required To Have Junior Teams – FUFA Proposes

FUFA Big League clubs have been asked to have Junior teams of under 17, FUFA has proposed.

The new idea may be put into place as early as this coming season.

It has been suggested that these Junior teams will be playing in the regionals where the respective clubs belong.

The above, rhymes with an earlier proposal where FUFA suggested to establish FUFA Juniors’ Leagues in each of the 8 FUFA regions in the country under the supervision of the UYFA and the respective FRAs. The FJL at every FRA shall consist of 12 teams.

The idea was discusses today during a meeting between FUFA and Big League clubs in Mengo.

“There are some new ideas that every FUFA Big League club this time will have an Under 17 team,” said Chairman FUFA Licensing committee Rogers Mulindwa.

“These teams will only be playing in that particular region.

“Its a new idea and we had a debate with the members and they have welcomed the idea.”

Mulindwa who is also a FUFA Executive member added that these Junior teams will be a “bleeding ground” for the Big League clubs and when the Big League teams get promoted to the top division, they face no challenges.

Its should be noted that its a requirement for every top division club to have a Junior team.

In the earlier related proposed reforms released by FUFA on March 27, it was suggested that UPL clubs shall be compelled to have an U20 team to compete in a league played over two rounds.

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