Magogo Advises Big League Clubs On Capacity Building

FUFA President Eng Moses Magogo has asked the Big League clubs to “grow your capacity” during a meeting held on Friday at FUFA house in Mengo.

Magogo, speaking in his usual low tone, said that the teams are just playing for Promotion which may not be bad sportingly but football is played for more reasons and it doesn’t start or end with the UPL.

“You need to grow your capacity before you go to the next level,” Magogo said. “A team wants to be in UPL just a year after promotion in Big League. Its not organic growth, many times you get miscourages because you are trying to grow fast.

“What is the purpose of being promoted and drop back immediately? When you go up when you haven’t grown, you will suffer and get demoralised. Some clubs even close simply because ‘you took a Primary four kid to sit for PLE exams, even if he is the best, he can fail and think that school is a bad thing.’

“You will enjoy the UPL when you go when you have grown. There is a business side of football also. It’s not about promotion alone, you need to grow you capacity and that is why club licensing is there to put checks on whether you are ready.”

The Meeting was held on Friday at FUFA house in Mengo.

He also said that he is aware of the financial problems faced by these clubs at Big League level because he once owned a club which he financed personally.

“Its a hardest league to play in, may be harder than the Premier League in terms to conditions there,” Magogo added.

He commented that he is aware that sources of revenue are harder to come by in Big League than in UPL where clubs can collect money through Sponsorship, Gate collection and merchandise among others.

He added:

“However, football can generate its own money and at FUFA we have tried it and it has been successful.

“FUFA cannot have money for clubs, whoever is propagating that is not saying the truth. We have many clubs from UPL, Big League and all the regionals, its not sustainable.”

Big League clubs representatives. FUFA photo

He said that FUFA’s aim is professionalising the Big League so as it can start fetching revenue like in the first division, and this will be achieved through Club licensing.

He asked clubs not to lose hope as FIFA promised a relief package although FUFA has no control of how much and when the money will come.

On ending the league, Magogo explained that it was inevitable since they had set June 30 as a date when the football competitions will have ended.

On why clubs were not consulted before ending the league was effected, he said: “We cannot be consulting on matters of rules. It is clear, it’s a rule. However, I know that every decision by a regulator hurts one and will benefit the other.”

Attendance – FUFA/Big League Consultative meeting at FUFA House

  • FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo
  • FUFA 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha
  • 2nd VP Darius Mugoye
  • Hamid Juma (Chairman Chairman Competitions Committee)
  • Rogers Mulindwa (Club Licensing Chairman)
  • Decolas Kiiza (Deputy CEO-Football)
  • Hajati Aisha Nalule (Competitions Director
  • James Obua (Water FC)
  • Hassan Kirunda -Kataka FC
  • Awiti Francis (Doves All Stars)
  • Mugena Agnes (Bukedea FC)
  • Samuel Opio (Bukedea FC)
  • Dembe Nasifu (Nyamityobora)
  • Etiang Emmanuel (Kiboga Young)
  • Kayongo Paul Mark (Ndejje University FC)
  • Odong Andrew (Kigezi Home Boyz FC)
  • Oryem Rasul (Paidha BA FC)
  • Miiro Ashraf (UPDF FC)
  • Gilbert Nyaika (Kitara FC)
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