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UPL Clubs ‘Cannot Breathe’ – Misagga

Renowned Football administrator Ben Misagga has said that UPL Clubs ‘cannot breathe.’

Misagga’s claims come in the wake of unrest between FUFA and UPL Clubs over a number of issues.

Some clubs shunned the consultative meeting last week and it remains to be seen if they will attend the second one this Thursday in Mengo.

SC Villa, KCCA and Vipers were present in the meeting.

Misagga, through his blog, wrote:

“The real shocker was having SC Villa and Vipers there as the rest of UPL clubs boycotted this sham meeting purportedly aimed to ‘discuss the upcoming 2020/2021 season while sweeping the dirt of the 2019/2020 under the carpet.’

“Fufa’s tactic was a plain attempt to seek a truce with clubs in spite of the glaring evidence of Fufa’s display of gluttony when it comes to sponsorship money. Like Nelson Mandela once said, only free men can negotiate. A prisoner cannot. In this case, clubs are prisoners. They have a board whose membership is not reflective of any club leadership.”

Misagga adds that he is not surprised that the institutional clubs like KCCA, URA and Police FC attended the meeting because they “over the last decade shunned any efforts to rally behind other clubs” but they support the cause of other clubs inside their hearts.

For the sake of Vipers, Misagga says that they attended the meeting because they are “returning the FUFA favour after being awarded the league title on a silver plate.”

He claims that the meeting was meant to “diffuse” the boycotting clubs of seeking government attention.

Led by Mwine Mpaka’s Mbarara City FC, about seven clubs met privately and requested to meet the Minister of Sports and Education Madam Janat Kataha Museveni.

“The sight of Villa boss William Nkemba dodging the media after the meeting was really sad and shows the guilt of his actions, especially when you put into perspective Villa’s proud heritage as a powerhouse in Ugandan football.

“Can you imagine Fufa putting a leash on Villa under the leadership of Franco Mugabe or even Fred Muwema? It’s impossible. Even for KCC, a firm leadership of Jack Ibaale wouldn’t just coil at the whims of a federation led by a certified un principled group. Unfortunately, the current Villa leadership is a sellout to Fufa because that is the only way it can win boardroom matches to survive the drop.”

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