• July 14, 2020

Andy Mwesigwa Gives Advice After Cranes Players Demand $1M

 Andy Mwesigwa Gives Advice After Cranes Players Demand $1M

Uganda Cranes players during AFCON in Egypt. Nicholas Bamulanzeki photo

Former Uganda Cranes captain Andy Mwesigwa has advised the players after they came out on Monday to demand the $1M from President Museveni.

Spearheaded by captain Denis Onyango, the Uganda Cranes players took to social media to remind the President of the $1M promise he made after the team reached 2019 AFCON knockout.

Mwesigwa says that “it’s very right because they were promised” but he faulted the approach and order.

Ex captain Andy Mwesigwa has called for calmness from Cranes players. Courtesy

“I think it would only come from the captain as the leader of the team because then it would look a polite way and diplomatic,” Mwesigwa told this website.

“It’s very bad and looks a bit impolite for every cranes player to start demanding the president that money. To me I think they would raise their voice through one person (captain) and wait the response.

“Not the way am seeing every player posting on their social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter etc. But am behind the Cranes 100% that the president fulfills his promise and give them that token he promised them after a tremendous work they did in AFCON. For God and my Country.”

Mwesigwa was the Cranes captain between 2008 and 2015. He started his career in 2002 with SC Villa and he is one of the best sports exports in the region after successful stints in Iceland, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

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FUFA’s Paul Mukatabala, who heads the Players Association, commented:

“All I know is that HE the President always delivers on whatever he promises to the Uganda Cranes. Now whether reaching out to him via social media is the right course of action, I can’t really tell??

“Perhaps the boys seeing as to how Bad Black quickly got a response after using that avenue, are thinking, “hey why don’t we try this avenue too?”

On Monday evening, the President extended the national lockdown for more 21 days during the address which was televised and broadcasted on all radios.

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