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Asaph Mwebaze: Mastering The Art Of The Game

By Asaph Mwebaze

When I was starting out as a young coach in 1998 , things were more practical and ones ability improved with the mileage of games. The old first division was a school that took no prisoners and it was swim or drown.

The best coaches in Uganda are those that actually got that education first before the Advent of CAF courses. It was first a calling and then passion took over. Lately there are so many overly football educated coaches but have failed to master the art of the game.

To understand football you must be an enthusiast and a fanatic at the same time.

Most of our peers talk a good game especially on social media and in the press but difficult to see when you watch the games.

We all cannot play like Barcelona but can play like A Madrid , Chelsea, Stoke city or even Bright stars under Coach Kajoba Fred.

Many coaches don’t understand football as a structural building but as a makeshift tent! Every team must be built with a foundation to do specifically something in order to attain the end goal.

But this is not what we see nowadays, we see a lot of copy and paste which may not be relevant to the topics of each football team.

Every coach wants to start their careers in the top flight league because they have the qualifications as per association rules. The experience that is needed in the premier league can only be gotten in the low divisions and the challenges in there.

There in the lower leagues you can experiment and control the outcome easily with less pressure if the aim of coaching was to get better and achieve more.

But unfortunately most coaches CVs read the cream of Uganda football league but without any tangible results to show.

The fundamentals of coaching can be learned in district leagues, regional leagues and maybe to a very small extent in the big league.

So any coach that hasn’t coached in those leagues will by and large fail the ultimate test in the premier league.

The Author is a CAF B License coach who has coached sides like Maroons, Ntamityobora and Onduparaka FC. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting and Masters in Public Administration

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