SC Villa: Saidi Keni Renews Contract

Saidi Keni has extended his contract with SC Villa, the club has announced on Thursday.

Keni, according to the statement released by Villa, will stay at the club until January 2022.

The goalkeeper joined Villa in January 2019 and helped the 16-time league winners finish 3rd with 46 points when the league was ended by FUFA due to Covid19.

“I am happy to commit my future to this great club because as a young boy growing up, I dreamed of playing for one of the great clubs of Uganda, and they don’t come any greater than SC Villa. At this point in time, there is no better place for me to further my career than at this great club,” Keni said.

“It is a relief to finally get the paperwork out of the way so I can focus on doing what I love the most – which is football. It is somewhat unfortunate that there is not much football going on at the moment but I am working hard to ensure that as soon as the
League returns, I am in top shape.”

Edward Kaziba, the team Coach has applauded the signing, backing Keni to go on and become a household name in Ugandan football.

Kaziba, as quoted by the club, said; “I am happy that Keni has committed himself to SC Villa because here he is in safe hands – so to speak. He is a great shot-stopper and there is no better place for him to harness and display his skills than here with us.

“If the country has not yet noticed that he is one of the best keepers on the land, Keni is about to show
them. The boy is on the right path.”

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