FUFA’s Executive Committee has called for an Extra Ordinary General Assembly after FIFA approved $1.5M relief fund to each Member Association.

The meeting which will be held online, will discuss how best the Federation will put the grant to use.

FIFA will give FUFA a universal solidarity grant of $1 million and an additional grant of $500,000 will be allocated specifically to women’s football.

In addition, FUFA can as well apply for interest-free loans amounting to up to 35% of their audited annual revenues from FIFA.

“Just like the FUFA President mentioned on various media platforms and while meeting various stakeholders, FIFA was preparing an intervention,” said FUFA head of communications Ahmed Hussein.

“We are glad it was approved and also been vindicated. On behalf of the Uganda football community, we wish to thank FIFA for supporting World Football and we will ensure that these funds are utilised in accordance with the rules and the objectives for which they are sent.”

FUFA, in a statement, has said that is the role of their Executive Committee to propose the appropriation of these funds and that of the General Assembly of FUFA to approve these budget variations to this magnitude.

FUFA has also added that the target of utilisation of these funds shall be supporting football to manage the current and post COVID-19 effects to the game in Uganda so that football can return and get better.


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