Age Does Not Matter – Meddie Kagere

Ugandan-born Rwandan footballer Meddie Kagere says that he is not bothered by people who mock him of old age provided he delivers on the pitch.

Kagere who features for Simba S.C. in the Tanzanian Premier League, was born on October 10, 1986.

The 33-year old striker has scored 19 goals this season and is set to win the league’s Golden Boot.

His tally has helped Simba declared league champions already, for the 21st record time.

Meddie Kagere. Courtesy photo

The dad of four, played for Uganda’s Mbale Heroes in 2004.

“People say I am aged but I don’t care about what they say provided I am able to do my job well and help my team to succeed,” Kagere told Dail News.

“If you have the ability to play, then age does not matter.

“I love my job and I have another one year to play for Simba which is the club I like. I know that Simba fans like me and I like them too.”

He has played for Atraco, Kiyovu, Mukura, Police, Es Zaris, Rayon Sports, FK Tirana and Gor Mahia before joining Simba.

He reveals that availability of resources can lead to success of a football club.

“When money is available, there is always a big possibility for the club to do well. For example, whenever we go to play very far, we always take a flight but there are other teams in the league which travel long distances on road.

“That alone make players to have fatigue before the match has been played because they think about the long trip to and from their intended destination.”

Kagere also says that he has always put God first and he has never been disappointed.

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