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Inside UPL WhatsApp Group: Teams Take Side On Dissan Case

This is artistic work of fiction – Names, characters, places and events are the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance between these characters and real teams is purely coincidental.

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ADMIN: Hope you guys have seen the club licensing regulations for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Mbarara: We have. So what?

ADMIN: I just want to advise you to put your houses in order so that you don’t blame the Federation at the end.

Express: Hi here.

Wakiso: @Express Omusango gwa Dissan guli gutya?

Vipers: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

ADMIN: Guys, let’s speak English on this platform or else I will remove those who don’t follow the guidelines here.

Express: @Wakiso, thanks for the concern, all will be good.

Villa: Wapi, b’akukute obujega.

Maroons: Hahaha

Express: Let the court decide. Just watch this space, we are going to set a new precedence.

URA: Wasn’t it the same case when Revita left? Just asking.


Onduparaka: But truth be told, how do you pay a player Sh15M and you fail to make him sign the actual contract?

Tooro: I think he left as a free agent.

MYDA: I believe so too

Express: Whatever you guys say, I know the laws of Uganda and those of football. We shall see…

Vipers: ????

Kyetume: The man is serious….

KCCA: Hehehe. That’s why I left the player this time round.

BUL: @KCCA, you never had the money, just concede.

URA: I am fearing this will end in court

Wakiso: But this is a football matter.

Police: A law is a law!

Villa: You have nothing to fear, I can predict how the ruling will be. The player will be told to repay Express the Sh15M and everything will get back to normal.

Wakiso: And Express will be given like two players on loan, and all will be well.

Express: We need Sh100M for that player!

Kyetume: For what? To pay the new PRO? ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Vipers: Hahahaha

(Express left)

(Admin adds Express)

Kyetume: Atondowala ki?

Mbarara: Alooo. But how can you let that good player go for free.

Onduparaka: @Mbarara, Pot Calling Kettle Black.

Kyetume: @Mbarara, How much have you collected from Aheebwa and Orit?

Proline: Hahaha $$$$

MYDA: @Proline, Is that what you are planning to get from Anukani or Mujuzi?

Proline: @MYDA, Stay in your lane

Bright Stars: Obusungu nga bungi wano… Ohhh

Admin: No English

Bright Stars: ほっといて

BUL: Is that Soltilo or Honda writing?

KCCA: Non lo so

Wakiso: Am lost?

KCCA: Its Italian, means “I don’t know”

Wakiso: Ohhh kozi @KCCA waleese Italian Mazengo!

Vipers: I hear Italian, the guy is a typical Ugandan.

Villa: (shares a message)

Villa: (deletes message)

Onduparaka: @Villa, We had seen it already. Renewed contract for Joseph Nubuga

Wakiso: Name is Nsubuga.

Villa: Sorry guys, it was meant for another platform.

Wakiso: @Villa, Instead of buying players, you are busy with contract renewals.

Villa: At least they have actual contracts signed on. I will not wait when they are gone and I start making an alarm.

Express: ?

BUL: Fire after fire.

Busoga: By the way, guys don’t forget, I will be standing as an MP for Njeru Municipality and I will need your support.

Mbarara: Welcome to our world.

Onduparaka: ??????

Admin: Let’s focus guys. Football only.

Proline: This admin thinks that he has made it. You will die and leave this world like everyone else.

BUL: Even Afande Jackson Bell died. RIP

BUL: We should give him a minute of silence by the way.

Villa: May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Maroons: Rest in Peace

KCCA: Riposare in pace

Vipers: And just like that, KCCA has become Italian.

Kyetume: mwawulidde owa Boda eyeyokyedde ku Police?

Police: ??????

Kyetume: Ehhh! Obusungu bwaki?

(Admin removes Kyetume)

Wakiso: ???

Mbarara: But this admin also. Please, bring back Kyetume.

Wakiso: #BringBackKyetume

BUL: #BringBackKyetume

Admin: Am adding him on condition that we are all going to obey the group rules.

(Admin adds Kyetume)

Onduparaka: But why are we treated like young children here when we invest a lot in the development of the game?

KCCA: @Onduparaka, what are you suggesting?

Busoga: Let’s be frank guys, we should vote for a new admin!

Proline: Seconded

Mbarara: The admin is pretending to be working here, but can’t forward our main concerns to FUFA!

Bright Stars: Admin is in bed with FUFA.

KCCA: Guys calm down.

Busoga: No calming down, let’s vote for our new leader….!!!!

What Next for the Admin? Wait for Part 3

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