Magogo Calls For Cooperation Ahead of Club Licensing Process

FUFA President Moses Magogo has urged clubs to cooperate ahead of the Club Licensing Process.

FUFA will conduct the Clubs Pro Agenda with the Uganda Premier League and Big League teams.

Magogo says that the process will be done in order to “smoothen” the Club Licensing Process.

“The success of the FUFA Clubs Pro Agenda will largely depend on the co-operation of the respective clubs,” Magogo said.

“And it is therefore important that clubs co-operate and desire to reorganise internally to create robust structures and strong brands that will eventually be trusted and desired by the fans and other football consumers.

“This is what will generate money for club football and consequently improve the standards. With improved standards and performance, it will be a matter of time for Ugandan football to achieve our vision thus – To become the number one football nation in Africa on and off the field.”

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Magogo says that clubs should not take the licensing process inconvenience but as a tool of development towards self sustaining.

FUFA target to professionalise club football in Uganda through Clubs Pro Agenda and Club Licensing.

Club Pro Agenda is a FUFA program to facilitate clubs to re-engineer their sporting and business processes and deliver short, medium and long term planning.

Club licensing is a tool to asses and grade clubs beyond sporting merit to be able to participate in various levels of football competitions.

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