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You Are A Total Embarrassment – Magogo Calls Out New Vision, Bakama

FUFA President Moses Magogo has let loose a stream of verbal attacks towards local publication New Vision and its reporter James Bakama.

This follows a string of opinions from veteran journalist Bakama criticising Magogo and FUFA at large.

Recently, Bakama whose tagline is “I Say So,” wrote a piece claiming that FUFA has ignored FIFA on Football for women.

“Bakama, you an old man left with nothing to prove but retirement and New Vision should do save you further embarrassment and offer you one,” Magogo wrote. “You belong to the gone-by generation of journalism. The one that had the monopoly to ransom persons in positions of influence and be paid. I have refused pay any journalist and the earlier you realise that I cannot be your target the better. Find an alternative of paying the education bills of your children. I am not going to call you for anything. I am not the one who chased away many of your potential targets, it is the technology and times that have shifted.”

“I have watched the series of syndicated and intendedly bungled information, a katogo of opinions and stories that you have been running since I became FUFA President. You are a total embarrassment not worth your age

“The FIFA funds are stringently audited by FIFA every year to the detail of a Dollar by FIFA appointed international auditors. FUFA has passed these audits with flying colours the reason why funds continue to come to Uganda unlike many other federations. You cannot police FIFA funds more than FIFA. Byotategera byesonyiwe.”

James Bakama’s article in the New Vision

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Magogo says that they have fought a lot to make FUFA the brand it is and are not going to sit down when their efforts are being washed down by “unethical and unprofessional” persons.

Bakama wrote in the New Vision that FUFA was ordered to channel Sh850m of initial sh1.9b from FIFA to women’s football, claims that Magogo has refuted and challenged the writer to quote a source.

The FUFA President also commented that the world football governing body, FIFA, is not “stupid” to continue funding women football in Uganda and he added that all FUFA always audits all the funds from FIFA.

Magogo also informed Bakama and New Vision that FUFA has created a league system of Women Football and that Uganda has three national women teams that are always active and on verge of qualifying to a world Cup, won COSAFA and CECAFA U17 tourneys.

He went on to reveal that FUFA is spending over 1.4bn Uganda Shillings in the Uganda Premier League alone.

“Now what is disturbing is the continued attack by Bakama and other journalists from the Vision Group media outlets going unabated. Are there any editors left in New Vision? We are mindful that our complaints to the authorities inclusive of Robert Kabushenga himself have not yielded any help right from the head himself. Is it an editorial policy to malign the FUFA Brand?”

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