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Inside UPL WhatsApp Group: Chaos Escalates, Magogo Added

This is artistic work of fiction – Names, characters, places and events are the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance between these characters and real teams is purely coincidental.

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ADMIN: Guys, let’s calm down. I did what you asked me to.

ADMIN: I added Kyetume, What else do you want?

Mbarara: Enough is enough. Walk out in peace.

KCCA: Like I said, let’s calm down.

Wakiso: Calm down nio nio?

Busoga: I repeat once again: Let’s get a new Admin!

BUL: Seconded ??

URA: No way.

Villa: This might not end well.

Bright Stars: Let’s get this from the beginning, what has the @Admin done for Us?

KCCA: What has he done wrong?

Kyetume: Really? At your level??

Express: Guys, what’s going on here?

Villa: Go back, we will call you when we need a lawyer!

Wakiso: 1-0.

Vipers: ?

Mbarara: @KCCA The @Admin has not presented our demands to FUFA and keeps accusing us of not attending meetings.

Onduparaka: Thank you @Mbarara, and to add more on your point – He has not advocated for Covid19 relief to bail out clubs.

Police: But we are the ones who voted for this Admin. Why change now?

Mbarara: The Admin has to represent our interests, which he hasn’t done.

Wakiso: How will he execute his work when he doesn’t have a team he represents here?

Busoga: That’s the point, @Wakiso.

Tooro: And this is the same Admin who said nothing when FUFA decided to end the league.

Maroons: imagine there were five games still to go….

Police: Ending the league might not be a big problem for now…

Proline: @Police, you were a big beneficiary of the outcomes, what could you have said.

ADMIN: It was the best decision.

Proline: Stay quiet.

KCCA: I think the best way forward from all of this, is to hear everyone’s opinion.

MYDA: am I allowed to say something here?

KCCA: Go on sir…

MYDA: With all due respect, from what I have heard, I think we should stick with the Admin.

BUL: @MYDA, young man, stay out of this.

Wakiso: @MYDA, Just go sign released players from Express, bino bikususeeko

Kyetume: Naawe @Wakiso eyaleeta owa Regional kati ovoola?

Police: Guys, be nice.

Villa: @Police, kozzi waleeseyo Mawejje namukadde????????

Busoga: hahaha

BUL: @Busoga, Hehehe congratulations on appointing Andrew Ndyabahika, but what happened to Media Officer Mwambu?

Kyetume: Oyo yazeeyo Mbale kulima?

Bright Stars: I am leaving, and I hope some of you will follow me. We need a change and that’s all.

Busoga: We create another platform if the Admin doesn’t want to leave this place in peace.

Onduparaka: That’s a better alternative actually.

(Bright Stars left)

Express: What’s going on?

(Admin adds Bright Stars)

Tooro: Has anyone watched the Chelsea game?

Vipers: @Tooro, yeah. And am watching Juventus now but the referee is just awarding them fake penalties. Too bad.

Villa: See who is complaining about refs and penalties???

KCCA: We need intervention from the top. @ADMIN add Magogo here for guidance, please.

Mbarara: Nooooooo

Kyetume: Good enough James Bakama isn’t here??????

Wakiso: We should add Sekatawa as well…

Villa: Magogo for what? We don’t want him here.

BUL: We don’t have votes

URA: Let him first sort out Ex Internationals

(ADMIN adds Magogo)

Magogo: Guys. How are you?

Villa: We are good sir, happy to be with you.

Express: @Villa, you are a chameleon of sorts.

Magogo: Can we talk about Club Pro Agenda

Busoga: This is another ‘Entanglement‘!

What Happens Next? Wait for Episode 4 Next Sunday

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