Bombo Hamlets: Emphasis On Nurturing Talent

Grassroot football teams play a vital role in their local community. Not only do they help people stay fit and healthy and develop an individual’s sporting talent, they also bring people from local community together.

Bombo Hamlets is a grassroot football academy in Bombo formed in 2016 by Ibrahim Nasur Rajab. It is made up of players between 7-17 years old from Villages in Bombo TC.

The objective of Bombo Hamlets is to develop and nurture football talent, and also improve the quality of football played in the area.

“After finding out that there were no grassroot development programs in the region, I decided to come up with a program to identify all the 16 villages in Bombo,” says Nasur.

“I formed an Under 12 team from every village. I invited all stakeholders and coaches with the aim of organising a youth league. We selected 70 players from the league whom we brought and trained.

“That is how Bombo Hamlets was formed.”

Bombo Hamlet

Nasur adds that his plan is to give kids the right training because it’s not only a matter of having an academy but developing coaches who will manage the kids.

“Coaching the kids is very sensitive therefore we need qualified coaches. Handling the kids is not like handling adults,” he adds.

“I want Bombo Hamlet to link players to outside world that’s why I am trying to network with other bodies of the same interests. I want to link my kids to well established academies through taking part in a more established tournaments both National & International.”

Bombo Hamlets’ board is made up of three people that is Abdul Mustapha, Fadil Kskande from USA and Refiga, a heavyweight from Kenya.

Moulding the future stars

Nasur, the team manager, says that under Management, there is youth Academy and Administration.

Youth Academy is made up of Head coach who is Abdu Hamid and Coaches John Luwangula, Abdul Nasur, Shaban Muhammad, Ibrahim Twaha and Salim Twaha.

“Under Youth academy, we also have Players. Under Administration, we have office manager and Office Secretary,” he explains.

As a coach, Nasur says that he has produced many stars and some have gone on to play in the Kenya Premier League others in Kenya Super League (Big league).

For the Hamlets, it’s still a new grassroot program but they have produced players like Godwin who plays for Muhoroni Youth in Kenyan second tier league and Faisal Mugerwa who now plays for Express Junior Team among others.

Faisal Mugerwa

Nasur is one of the beneficiaries of the Inter Milan project in Africa which only exists in five African countries – Uganda, Namibia, Ghana, Cameroon and Liberia. In Uganda the project is situated in Mukono.

“The project has nothing to do with Bombo Hamlet,” Nasur clarifies. “I happened to be a beneficiary of this project as a coach, for the last four years I have been studying with Inter Milan, they teach us how to train and handle kids of all age categories.”

“We have teams that are under Inter Campus of which I was one of the coaches, so I was trying to help the people of Bombo to benefit from the project by organising Coaching courses for Inter campus for 4-5 years.

“Inter Milan have agreed to support teams that are outside Mukono whom their coaches are affiliation of Inter Campus.”

Inter Milan Allies

He adds at Bombo Hamlet, they have faced a lot of challenges one of which is lack of enough facilities as they manage over 100 players with less facilities which hinders their set objectives.

He adds that they face stiff competition from other developed academies with better facilities that end up taking away their talents.

“We lack support from the federation,” he cried out. “The federation does not support village academy Football. The only concentrate on urban teams. Whenever there is a coaching course we are not informed. In case of any aid or support we are always not catered for.

“There is no link between the Federation and the upcountry academies. The District Football Association have also done nothing to support academies. They also don’t organise courses for us, and when they do, it’s always a secret.”

Nasur was born in Kenya but his parents are Ugandans. He’s a product of Slam Total Soccer academy in Nairobi. He went to Kenyatta High, a well established Soccer school in Kenya.

Though his football career was cut short due to injuries, he played for Securical FC & Kisumu Municipal in the Kenya Super League and Western Stima in the Kenya Premier League.

His father who was an SC Villa coach, inspired him to start coaching.

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