Ndejje Will Go Along With FUFA Decision Despite ‘Dissatisfaction’

Ndejje University FC have expressed their dissatisfaction with FUFA after their petition about Big League promotion was dismissed.

However, the club has opted to go along with FUFA’s decision.

The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel upheld the initial decision by the Executive on Big League 2019/20 season to promote UPDF and MYDA FC to UPL on sporting merit after the league was ended prematurely due to Covid19.

Ndejje petitioned FUFA after the season was ended, saying that FUFA wrongly interpreted the 75% rule when they considered the current league table to determine standings.

In the letter to FUFA, Ndejje CEO Wilfred Muhumuza Kato has said:

“We acknowledge receipt of your mail dated 21 July 2020 regarding our written petition submitted on Thursday 21/05/2020.

“Much as we are rather dissatisfied with the ruling, we have been compelled, in the spirit of supporting the growth and development of Ugandan Football to go along with the panel’s belated decision.”

Ndejje’s rightly argued that No team had played more than 75% of the games when the league was ended prematurely, a basis FUFA used to determine league positions.

However, Ndejje’s suggestion that FUFA has to use article 18 (b), and use the first round table to determine standings, was not supported as Ntamityobora had played exactly 75% of the games.

FUFA, in their ruling this week, had to exercised its powers under Article 85 (on matters not provided for) since the regulations did not fully cater for all scenarios in regard to the 75% rule.

Consequently, Ndejje will have to battle for the remaining UPL slot in playoffs where they face Kiboga Young FC in the semis. The other playoff semi will be between Kitara FC Vs Kataka.

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