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William Nkemba On SC Villa Leadership, Players Welfare and Performance

SC Villa interim committee chairman Eng. William Nkemba has said that they are doing everything to see that SC Villa return where they belong.

The Jogoos who have not won a league title since 2004, have struggled both on and off the pitch since recent past.

An interim committee led by Nkemba was put in place in 2018 to steer the embattled club forward.

Norbert Kazibwe (Secretary), Haruna Jjagwe (Treasurer), Moses Matovu (Technical Chairman) were some of the members who were named on the committee then.

“We have so many issues tackled regarding governance and I have been reporting to directors who appointed the committee I lead and they have made good strides in this regard,” Nkemba said.

“So we are ready to engage in with our fans and the whole Villa fraternity to explain and present to them the structures proposed, approved and developed that would catapult us to the glory we want to have as Villa.”

SC Villa (blue) at Namboole against rivals Express FC. Courtesy

Last season, SC Villa under coach Edward Kaziba, put up a strong performance before finishing third with 46 points in a season that was ended due to Covid19 pandemic.

“There are so many aspects in which we can rate clubs performance and one of them is visible aspect which is the performance on the field,” Nkemba added.

“But in general, I will look at so many areas in terms of governance, general welfare of the club, financial sustainability and I will agree we had a lot of challenges in those many areas but on the field we did very well especially in comparison with the past season where we survived relegation.

“We came out and competed strongly and at the time the league was ended, we still had a chance to winning the trophy and I salute the player for the great spirit they displayed in ending third though that’s not the place that Villa would desire to be.

“Our aim is to sit at the top, to be an example to other clubs, and we are working towards reviving and regaining our glory.”

SC Villa Jogoos celebrating in Bombo

Despite their good performances, Villa continued to make headlines for the wrong reasons as players reportedly went about six months without pay.

Nkemba, speaking on the matter, says: “At the heart of our plans is improving players’ welfare and this will involve diversifying our revenue streams.”

“There are structures and models that we are working on to be able to maintain financial sustainability which will then inform and translate into a lot of welfare for players but I also don’t look at the players only but also the other staff because today in modern football the core staff are players but there are so many other staff at the club.

“We intend to improve in that area come next season. We have so many plans and strategies laid that we would like to roll out starting with the announcement which we shall make to the Villa family first before the world out there and we are looking for a better and more improved experience next season.”

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