CAF: FUFA Asked To Improve Match Facilities

Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has been requested by CAF to improve their stadium and Match facilities during this interrupted period of Covid19 pandemic.

In a letter to all affiliated nations, CAF has said that they intend to ensure the use of appropriate stadia of high quality, so that the players and fans may relish the wonderful game.

“Quality stadiums are fundamental for the development and progress of African football, several aspects must be thoroughly evaluated in African stadia, related to the pitch, floodlights, comfort safety a d security of the spectators, players, officials, media and marketing facilities, and other areas,” reads a document from CAF.

CAF has also established a policy whereby only high quality stadiums will be approved for use by Member Associations and club for CAF competition matches.

The document continues: “CAF has initiated a project of stadium inspection visits around the continent, whereby a selected team of highly qualified ‘CAF stadium inspectors’ accompanied by ‘CAF Football Legends’ perform inspections in the main stadiums of the countries, following guidelines established in the scope of the project. However, due to the Covid19 outbreak, the inspection visits were suspended until the situation is back to normal.”

CAF is recommending that countries should use this Covid19 period to improve their venues “wherever possible.”

The Continent body has said that the National team or Clubs may play matches in an approved stadium in another country if their country’s stadiums are not approved by CAF’s inspection team.

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