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Coach Ronnie Mutebi Bemoans FUBA Decision To Cancel Season

Warriors coach Ronnie Mutebi expressed his discontent over FUBA’s decision to cancel season.

Last week, due to the Covid19 induced lockdown, FUBA Cancelled all the 2020 basketball competitions as per the calendar with the exception of the Afrobasket.

The decision means that there will be no National Basketball League this year for the first time since inception.

FUBA cancelled all basketball activities in 2020. FUBA photo

“The Federation did not do well to engage the stakeholders especially the team managers and owners for the way forward before calling off the season,” Mutebi told The-SportsNation.

“I mean, people have really invested in the teams and have contractual obligations with players and coaches and other staff. The federation should have sent emails or held meetings (virtual) before calling it null.

“But probably they did talk to a few stakeholders, I don’t know. The few I have talked to didn’t get any information from the federation until when the season was cancelled.”

Mutebi commanded FUBA’s earlier efforts to get the league running through providing NCS with Standard Operation Procedures but insisted that FUBA had to hold a meeting with team owners and managers to see the way forward.

Warriors (red) in action against KIU Titans at Lugogo. Tsaubah Stone/FUBA

Mutebi stated that the main challenges the decision poses are mainly financial.

“It’s going to be tough for individuals depending solely on basketball to earn a living,” Mutebi added.

“Even the teams with heavy sponsorship will not be able to pay financial obligations fully because it is a whole 12 months off.

“Of course some people (coaches, players and staff) might manage to get a percentage of their salaries paid but majority of the others have to find other avenues for money.”

The Warriors coach also commented that its going to be hard for most teams to retain the sponsorship which will also reduce the teams’ money pool.

Basketball fans at Lugogo

With all courts and gyms closed while exercising with close contact still prohibited, Mutebi says that players are going to struggle to remain fit both physical and mental (psychological).

This, Mutebi says, that will call for a long pre-season training when basketball finally resumes.

He also added that the game will be hard hit as the federation will struggle to bring back the fans to the games when the season gets underway since people will remain cautious of public gatherings.

However, on the positive side of this pandemic, Mutebi is sure that everyone has rested well especially the injured people so they have enough time for recovery.

He added: “The financial strain will help most people start thinking investment especially savings and all other avenues. Plus the break will give people enough time to get our priorities right especially family.”

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