Derrick Ngoobi Opens Up On Why He Shunned SC Villa

Bright Stars defender Derrick Ngoobi has revealed why he changed his mind against signing for SC Villa to extend his stay at Bright Stars FC.

Amidst interest from the record league winners, Ngoobi who had also expressed interest to play for Villa, renewed his Bright Stars contract for another year.

He says that he changed him mind due to the ongoing financial struggles between Villa and the players.

“The reason I never signed for SC Villa is because I realized that SC Villa is still in struggles with their players,” Ngoobi disclosed to the SportsNation.

“As you know, if you are joining a team, let it set good working conditions, fine there are always some difficulties but not too worse.”

Ngoobi adds: “I thought about it before I gave up – I decided to extend my contract at Bright Stars for just one year as am scrutinizing the way forward and also get more playing time so that I can create more chances and opportunities to join other clubs at the end of the season.”

Players, Emmanuel Kalyowa the latest, have come out to pin Villa management over unpaid salaries that have gone over nine months.

The club has as well reportedly released some players.

Villa CEO Shawn Mubiru, via Twitter, has said that they will clear all outstanding arrears when the situation returns to normal at the club.

The Jogoos finished third with 46 points despite all the financial struggles.

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