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This is artistic work of fiction – Names, characters, places and events are the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance between these characters and real teams is purely coincidental.

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ADMIN: Hello Guys, most of you here have made the headlines for the wrong reasons this week. Unpaid salaries! What happened?

Vipers: Ask SC Villa

BUL: and Busoga

Villa: @Vipers, wewumuzeeko

URA: Anti yatunze Fahad Bayo, kati alinamu ku majja.

Express: ???

Wakiso: Express yali mugezi, abasambi ababanja yabagoba season yakagwako.

Express: No way, we have Betway. The sponsor clears salaries on time ??????

Magogo: On unpaid salaries, I think problem comes from the fact that you people want to chew what you can’t swallow.

Vipers: @Magogo, then Villa can’t swallow anything. 10 months without pay?

Kyetume: It has been a difficult season for everyone. Not for football alone. Its obvious that every company is struggling.

ADMIN: One of Villa players took to Facebook and let the cat out of the bag.

Villa: Everyone that served the club whether non playing or playing staff will be paid once the club is in position to do.

Vipers: @Villa, you will never be in position to do so, just tell them the truth than giving them empty promises.

Villa: We will, we are working towards building assets to enable ourselves have financial independence and sustainability. We will soon be financially stable and sound.

KCCA: @Villa, But you went on to release some of the players…

Villa: We just didn’t renew their contracts. But you have also released Ikara and Nunda.

Police: Keep on releasing them please, we need players to sign as well ?

Magogo: I think on the issue of unpaid salaries, its time we try to sensitize you on how to do proper planning.

Wakiso: @Magogo, it’s like you didn’t see our Sh800m budget for next season. What other planning do you want?

Magogo: Good step for starters, other clubs should borrow a leaf at least.

Wakiso: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Express: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

KCCA: Onduparaka is so quiet today. But they have suffered financially so much!

Kyetume: Omanyi ki oba tebalina na data

MYDA: Hahahaha

Onduparaka: @KCCA, it’s just that you have full support from the City Authority, just like URA and Police.

URA: When did it become a crime to be born from a rich family? ???

Onduparaka: It becomes a crime when you start laughing at the poor neighbours lame kid.

Magogo: I think Onduparaka you have not used the fans well to bring in sponsors since Betway’s departure.

Onduparaka: @Magogo, I also think that you have not done well to help upcountry clubs as well.

Mbarara: Seconded.

Busoga: Seconded as well.

Kyetume: Not upcountry clubs only, all clubs.

Magogo: Really, call me when negotiating for sponsorship, I pledge my full support.

Onduparaka: Which support are you talking about when you are handing us fines for just not sending in licensing documents in time. I mean, a fine of Sh1m at this difficult time?

MYDA: Me am not aware of any fine. I haven’t received any communication from FUFA about it.

BUL: @MYDA, we all started like you… just remain calm.

Mbarara: @Magogo, I also heard that the Covid19 relief fund was approved, hope you live to the earlier promise of bailing us out.

Bright Stars: @Mbarara, now you are talking.

Kyetume: Gwe Bright Stars obwedda oliwa?

Bright Stars: I am just not interested in today’s motion.

Kyetume: But coach Kajoba left when he is still demanding arrears.

Bright Stars: Gwe assistant coach David Mutono wamusasude?

Onduparaka: To make matters worse, its like salaries for next season will be subjected to taxation (PAYE) and NSSF.

Magogo: Yes, the government has officially written to us regarding NSSF and taxation (Pay As You Earn) for the players. It’s a new thing and definitely tough considering the status of our leagues but we must embrace it and see how both the clubs and players will be able to fulfill it.

Villa: What?

Onduparaka: No way….!!!!

What happens next? See you next Sunday



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