Magogo, Vipers Official Involved In Social Media Spat

FUFA President Moses Magogo and Vipers Director Tadeus Kitandwe were involved in an exchange on Social media over Covid19 relief fund.

The spat on Friday morning came in comments section of Bukedde journalist Diego Nsubuga’s Facebook post who requested FUFA to issue out the Covid19 funds before it is “spent in politics.”

The post garnered engagements, with renown UPL’s Emma Ndugga, FUFA Deputy CEO (services) Humphrey Mandu and veteran Journalist Emmanuel Sekago joining the fray.

“FIFA released the Covid19 money long ago,” Kitandwe commented, before Magogo and Mandu, aggressively, came out to clarify while showing their disappointments in the Vipers director.

Magogo, commented: “I don’t respond to cheap political statements. I am just disappointed by the level you drop to. Tadeus you can fight better than this. FIFA doesn’t release funds before releasing rules. This is a simple basic. I get disappointed being too petty and cheap.”

Kitandwe, in defense, confessed that he is “not fighting” and revealed that he needed communication, before adding: “The problem at FUFA is that anybody who asks questions about money or operations is tagged to be fighting. Temututiisa.”

Magogo went on and challenged Kitandwe to prove his “baseless careless inciting misinformation” that FIFA released the Covid19 relief fund long ago.

FUFA has received mostly negative views from critics on social media for not bailing out clubs during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic period.

In a statement last month, FIFA approved the COVID-19 Relief Plan.

The Federation is to receive $1m from FIFA to protect and restart football, and an addition of $500,000 specifically for Women’s football.

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