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My Lockdown Has Been Hell – Paradou’s Allan Okello

Former KCCA FC Midfielder Allan Okello has said that he is going through “hell” during this lockdown in Algeria.

The Uganda Cranes midfielder joined Algeria Premier League side Paradou AC in January this year.

The youngster, reflecting on life during this lockdown, said that it has been his worst because of “loneliness” but he is sure that he will go through it.

“It has been a terrible year for everyone, and to me it has been the worst seven months because of this lockdown,” Okello opened up on KCCA FC TV.

“It has been very terrible, my lockdown has been hell, I miss my family, friends and everyone who used to be close to me. I have been a lone this side and bored and lonely. But I have nothing to do, I have to go through It. I know with time, we are going to cope up with everything.”

Glory Days: Allan okello (middle) celebrate scoring for Uganda Cranes at Lugogo during the 2019 CECAFA championship

Okello said that this unprecedented times have been learning lessons to him.

“Its all about being patient, no need to panic because our lives and healthy matter. So we have to follow government directives to stay healthy. And I have to give myself self motivation to see that I come through this,” he added.

The former Kibuli SS midfielder says that the training sessions at Paradou AC are very similar to those they had at KCCA.

However, due to the Covid19 pandemic, there has been a change in how training is conducted in every league.

He explains: “At this moment it’s all about personal training and working on our weaknesses, so we have a lot of different routines given to us by our coaches.”

“That’s all you have to go through in this moment to keep us in shape, keep physically and mentally fit.”

Despite having his plans thrown under the train by this lockdown, he remains positive about chasing his goals.

Allan Okello going through training drills at Paradou AC in Algeria. Courtesy

“Like any other player in the world, we all have different ambitions at the moment, no matter where you reach regardless of where you are,” Okello commented.

“At KCCA I had an ambition of getting where I am today, and where I am, I have another bigger ambitions of getting much more better than where I am today.

“But I need to keep on working hard. Within few years I have much more bigger ambitions of getting much more forward to a better place than here but at the moment I am happy here.”

Allan Okello advised his former teammates to never give up and keep working harder because it’s never going to be easy when you are not ready for it.

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