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Doctor’s Corner: Knee Injury Mechanics In Sports

Patellofemoral pain syndrome and Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries are common knee injuries in sports.

Female Athletes are more predisposed to knee injuries than male Athletes in most sports activities that require movements such as Jumping ( Volley ball and Netball), landing (Volleyball and basketball), Cutting (Basketball) plus pivoting manueuvers (Netball).

The mechanisms of these injuries are due to many factors which means concentrating on the immediate cause of that acute onset may not help address the problem thoroughly.

Anatomical and Biomechanical factors are important factors to consider.

Biomechanical (body movement in simple terms) mechanisms such as knee valgus (knock knees) and weakness of the hip MUSCLES (the hip stabilizers as we call them like the gluteal muscles might need to be looked at critically.

Functional tasks such as squats shown in the visuals above help to establish the risk for sustaining these Injuries through identifying the medial deviation of the femur bone on squating affecting it’s control closer to its center of rotation at the hip may lead to a knee Injury.

Creating Conditioning Programs like the FIFA 11+ that help strengthen hip stabilizers and the quadriceps especially the vastus medialis may help reduce the excessive stretching stress placed on the knee ligaments like the ACL during squating movements in a game hence reducing the risk of Injury.

There are many risk factors that always need to be explored in order to help the injured Athlete in treatment and also prevent relapse or development of Chronic Injuries.

The Author is Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company.

THE FHNS brand provides sports medicine like injury management and REHABILITATION services, injury Prevention programs and performance enhancing services to Athletes from all sports disciplines in Uganda, East Africa and around the world through its Physical and online medical Platforms.

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